The Scope of Our Services

1- Interpreting Services: Consecutive and Simultaneous   
We offer high quality consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for: 
  • Business Conferences
  • ASEAN summits
  • World Economic Forum
  • International conferences
  • VIP meetings (including those with ministers and parliamentarians)
  • Seminars/workshops
  • Training workshops (legal and technical)
  • Press/media conferences
  • Law adoption/amendments sessions
  • Court of law proceedings (trials on criminal cases)
  • Mock and actual trials (court of law)
  • Interviews (academic research and data collection), and
  • Any other situation where interpreting is needed
Understanding Types of Interpreting

- In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking.
- Simultaneous interpreting is a situation when the interpretation occurs while the source language speaker speaks. The interpreter can as quickly as possible formulate the spoken message to the target language. Simultaneous interpretation is used in various situations where there is not pause between each statement allowing time for the interpreter to relay information to the audience.

2- Document Translation Services
In addition to professional interpreting services, we also assist you with your document translation requests and need, big or small. We translate different types of documents on a daily basis, including:
  • Legal contracts
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates and Divorce Decrees
  • Book of Residence and Family Book
  • Criminal Records
  • Land Title and Estate Ownership
  • Highschool Diplomas
  • Reports
  • Academic Papers
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Textbooks
  • And all types of other documents  
Our translation team has worked on numerous numbers of foreign-language document translation projects in subject matters ranging from business, insurance, and advertising, to law, government, education, literature, and many others.

Big translation projects are often complex and may involve the coordination of a team of translators. These projects often involve editors, managing glossaries, frequent updates and revisions, establishing quality procedures, and follow-up changes. We are prepared to help you out in all aspects of your translation project.

3- Proofreading Services: We provide proofreading services which are carried out by fresh eyes that are new to your document to ensure those small details are picked up that you may have been just too close to your document to spot. Proofreading is especially important in reviewing translated documents, where many errors can easily arise.

4- Document Editing and Revising Services: Our professional team is well equipped to assist you with your document editing and revising to ensure its accuracy.

5- Certified Translation: Several documents for the process of visa applications and other official use need to be certified. Panhavoan Translation Services also deals with certified translation on all types of documents. 

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